What is an educational globe for kids
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What Is an Educational Globe for Kids?

Best globe for kids is a fun way to learn places around the world. Kids can learn continents, countries, and famous landmarks where people from around the world visit frequently. The illuminated globe is the most popular for kids, because of it’s size and bright colors. The globe battery life last for 300 hours with a single set of batteries. Geography classes will be a breeze to children as they…

mother midwife hands
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Mother and Midwife Pictures

At the heart of every film, there is a story. And with every story, there is a storyteller. We are those storytellers. But not just any storytellers. We are interested in the ones that give us deeper insight into who we are, how we think, and what might be. Our stories demand much from you, our audience. We don’t make mindless entertainment. No, you must participate emotionally and intellectually in…