About Us

Formed in 2012, Mother and Midwife Pictures is a film and commercial production company based in Detroit, MI. With connections across a wide spectrum of the film world, we can take your visual-media from concept to completion all in-house.

Contact us: info@motherandmidwife.com

About Michael Zervos

michael zervos
Michael Zervos

Born in a middle class suburban home to a dentist and homemaker, Michael Angelo Zervos was educated at Northville High School, Michigan. He spent a year at the University of Michigan studying business management before transferring to Grand Valley State University to complete the degree. Although his intent was to work at his family’s insurance agency, his interest in film production beckoned him to pursue additional schooling and in 2012, he attained a second degree in Fiction Film Making at Grand Valley. Zervos then moved to Hollywood to work as an intern at two companies, Anonymous Content and The Cimarron Group.

He is the founder and current president of Mother and Midwife Media