Greek Reporter Exclusive: ‘Papou’ Trailer World Premiere

Greek Reporter Exclusive: ‘Papou’ Trailer World Premiere

We’ve chosen the Greek Reporter for the exclusive premiere of the first trailer for our upcoming film, “Papou”. Click here to check it out.

Greek Reporter has an exclusive first-look at the Michigan-produced feature, “Papou.”

The film stars Greek actor Yorgo Voyagis (“Zorba the Greek,” “The Bourne Identity”) and local Michigan actor Evan Kole (“Avengers”) as the leads, alongside dozens of other Michigan supporting talent. The debut feature from 25 year-old director Michael Angelo Zervos, the film is an emotional tale of a wildly imaginative young boy (Kole) and his dying grandfather’s (Voyagis) attempts to escape the clutches of death.

Check out the world premiere of the trailer below:

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