Filmmaker Gives Back to Grand Valley

Filmmaker Gives Back to Grand Valley

Michael ZervosFilm and video production graduate Michael Zervos successfully raised more than $50,000 to create his own film, “Papou.”

The film is now in post-production stage, and Zervos, ’12, said its near-completion is due to help of many interns he hired from Grand Valley’s film and video program.

“We had about 10 interns from Grand Valley,” Zervos said. “And I wouldn’t have had it any other way. They were great, they were hard-working people. Hopefully, they also learned something while on set.”

“Papou” is centered on a boy who is dealing with the declining health of his grandfather and how he imagines the situation. Zervos’ personal experiences were inspiration for the script and film.

Zervos worked as an intern for various movie production companies in Los Angeles, California, including behind-the-scenes work on featurettes for “The Hobbit,” “Twilight” series, and “Snow White and the Huntsman.” While completing his internship, Zervos developed the script for “Papou.”

Fundraising came next. Zervos initially set up a fundraiser on the website Kickstarter to help the project and then raised the rest through private equity. Zervos founded a company, Mother and Midwife Pictures, in 2012 to capitalize on some of the Michigan film incentives.

He expects to release “Papou” this spring. Zervos plans to submit the film to various film festivals. For more information, visit Mother and Midwife Pictures on Facebook.