Papou in the Editing Room

Editing Papou

As many of you may assume, we’ve been quite busy these last couple months. The whirlwind of production has come and gone, with no lives lost, no cameras broken, and (mostly) no feelings hurt. It was a good production to be a part of on all accounts; cast and crew remarked at the very end that it was one of the best that they’ve ever experienced. But now, this stage has passed.

Now begins the editing process. For those of you who are unfamiliar with editing long form narrative, the first thing that you must understand is that it takes time to do it right. By the end of production, we found ourselves with dozens of hours of footage that needed to be strung into a coherent story. As overwhelming as this sounds, it is here where Michael Angelo Zervos and his talented lead editor Randy Klinger are able to experiment with the story to create something as good as, if not better, than the original script.

Imagine a giant puzzle with a bunch of extra pieces that you have the option of using. It’s the director and editor’s job to find the way those pieces are supposed to fit. Sometimes they are perfect matches. Other times, the editor and director find themselves cutting the puzzle pieces into new shapes so they can better fit the greater picture.

As Papou continues to move closer to its completion, we invite you to check back with us soon for some special content about the making of the film, news about its film festival submissions, the trailer release, and of course, the premiere!