Yorgo Voyagis as Archie Katsanathopoulos

Finally, we reach the end of our announcements with the revelation of the titular role of our film. After a search that has lasted almost five months, M+M is proud to present the prolific Yorgo Voyagis as Archie Katsanathopoulos.

Mr. Voyagis’ career spans over forty years and he has performed against numerous stars in American and European cinema including Anthony Quinn, Richard Chamberlain, Diane Keaton, Armand Assante, and even Madonna! Some of his credits include Zorba the Greek, The Bourne Identity, Miami Vice, and recently Without Borders.

We cannot think of a better talent in the industry today to take on the role of Archie. Find out more about our film’s co-star at his IMDB and please show your support for our great talent by sharing this page!

Yorgo Voyagis