Evan Kole as Demetri Yannis

Evan Kole (playing Demetri Yannis)

It was hard to deny on the outset the inevitability of Evan playing Demetri. His audition was so strong, it left us with an impression that the part might have been written for him. While that much remains to be seen, we can’t help but think that the long but fruitful search turned up a child actor that has the best chance of tackling this complex, nuanced role. The story is about Demetri and because of this, Evan is really the star of this film.

Evan has the acting resume for a lead in any movie. He’s performed with Chris Evans in The Avengers and held supporting roles in upcoming films such as Golden Shoes, Misled, and Coming of Age Films. He’s been in television, commercials, and print advertising. He has received superb training from professionals all over the state. In short, we have faith in this kid.

Ladies and gentleman, it is our honor to reveal Evan Kole as our choice for Demetri Yannis, the lead for our film Papou.